Treasury Secretary Gets Tough Lesson in How Not to Win a Pitch

If you want to sell and idea, give a specific plan that your audience can evaluate. The more detailed, the better. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the proposed financial bailout yesterday did not immediately sell well.

Now I have not suddenly decided that I’m an expert on issues of global finance. And I have no idea whether yesterday’s proposed bailout of the financial sector by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will ultimately succeed. I certainly hope it succeeds.  We have many clients that are hurting. And that is not good for my company.

But here’s the quote from this morning’s New York Times that grabbed my attention.

But the initial assessment of the plan from the markets, lawmakers and economists was brutally negative, in large part because they expected more details. (Emphasis mine).

Clearly the lack of detail in Geithner’s plan did not go over well.  My only point is that anyone who wants to learn how to deliver a successful sales pitch can learn something here.
The best way to sell an idea is to propose a specific solution to a problem that your listener faces. Your prospect will get more excited about your idea the more your plan looks like a clear solution. 
So if you want to win a pitch, propose a clear solution with as many details as you can provide.
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