Lectures are dying. And I Say Good Riddance.

I was speaking recently with a client about her presentation to a trade group. It was a big opportunity.  

“How long do you think I should speak?”

“Twenty minutes,” I said. “No one wants to hear anyone speak for more than 20 minutes.”

Maybe it’s because of the internet. Maybe it’s because of sitcoms. Maybe it’s because we’re used to getting everything so fast. But for whatever reason, the day of the stem winding lecture is over. I don’t care who you are, no one wants to hear you give them a lecture.  As further evidence, check out this story about how MIT has ended the era of giant lectures.

Rather than give lectures, we urge our clients to give interactive presentations, where listeners participate in the program, discussing questions, taking positions, and even solving problems.  It’s a far more effective way to connect with the audience.

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