Yogurt and Nuts Help Beat Stage Fright



Yogurt and nuts can reduce anxiety during your next presentation, according to a new study. 

Scientists in Slovakia gave either amino-acid supplements or a placebo to a group of men and asked them to give a speech.

The men who had taken the supplements experienced half as much anxiety according measurements of stress hormones in their bloodstream.

Yogurt and nuts have very high levels of the type of amino-acids used in the study.  So a healthy snack might help reduce your anxiety.

Of course, at Speechworks we think that the best way to deal with anxiety during presentations is to rehearse like crazy.   That means rehearsing your presentation out loud over and over again until you know it so well that no amount of nervousness can keep you from delivering a great message.

So rehearse like crazy and, if you want, have a yogurt. You’ll knock ‘em dead.

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