Come On Stage Wearing Your Boots and Spurs

When you walk in front of your audience at the beginning of a speech, you should show that you’re excited and that what you have to say is going to be important and valuable. That’s why we tell our clients to come before their listeners wearing “boots and spurs”, not “bedroom slippers”.

What we mean is that you need to walk out with a spring in your step, looking at the audience with a positive look on your face.  Before you speak, everything you do needs to convey the sense that the audience is going to benefit from what you have to say.

How you walk out at the beginning of a presentation is like the overture of a movie.  At the beginning of “Star Wars”, the overture sets a definite tone. It says, “This is going to be fun.” 

Similarly, how you walk on stage should set the mood. And if you want the mood to be positive, you need to act positive in the way you walk and look.



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