Waffle House and Your Communication Brand

How we communicate becomes part of our personal brand.

Take the Waffle House as an example.  I love the Waffle House.  The food is always good. And it’s cheap. 

But the thing that amazes me about the Waffle House is how nice people are. I’ve been to many Waffle Houses. And every time I go, the people are always so nice. And it seems like a very hard job. It seems like it would be a place where it would be extremely easy to not be nice.  There are a lot of people coming in who are not nice to the staff.  But that doesn’t seem to deter their eternally positive attitude and communication style.

And every time I bring this up with people, they all agree that the Waffle House staffers are always nice.  Niceness in communication has become a part of the Waffle House brand.

On the other hand, there was a guy at my old law firm who was always a jerk. Indeed, his brand was “the firm jerk.”

How does your communication style support your personal brand?

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