New Biography of Durwood Fincher, aka “Mr. Doubletalk”


I had a wonderful public speaking teacher in high school named Durwood Fincher.  He was off the wall and innovative. He was the kind of teacher that everyone remembers as one of their favorites. Durwood wanted to be more than your teacher. He wanted to be your friend. And he has remained just that for many of his students including me.  Durwood has gone on to have a highly successful career as “Mr. Doubletalk” in which he gives hilarious, semi-nonsensical speeches at corporate events and on television.

His life is also an inspirational “up by the bootstraps” story, having grown up in modest circumstances near Macon, Ga.  Durwood is now the subject of a wonderful new biography called “Once You Step in Elephant Manure You’re in the Circus Forever.”  The book details Durwood’s roller coaster ride of a life that has taken him to become one of the nation’s most successful, and hilarious corporate speakers.  Written by Ed Grisamore, a columnist for the Macon Telegraph, the book includes a DVD that includes samples of his interviews and a documentary of Durwood’s life.  I watched the DVD last night. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. You’ve got to see it. And you’ve got to read this book.

If you want to see an example of Durwood’s doubletalk at work, check out the above clip from the Today Show.

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