Godin Says: All You Need is Love . . . And Respect. Yeah, but how do you get that?

In an interesting post yesterday, marketing guru Seth Godin said that the keys to being a good presenter are love for the audience and respect from the audience.

I agree.  But his prescription for how to get those two values is astonishingly weak, especially for Godin, whom I like a lot.

To get respect he says,

When you create a presentation, think about what your status will be as you begin the presentation. What can you do to prewire, to earn more respect from the start? How can you be introduced? Lit? Miked? What can you wear? If your reputation doesn’t precede you, how do you earn it?

You don’t get respect or show love by being properly “lit”, or “miked”, or dressing properly.

You get respect and show love by making it clear to your audience that you have done everything possible to to get to know their true needs prior to the presentation.

You show love by doing your homework, interviewing attendees and listening to their needs so that you can address their concerns in your presentation.  Your audience will feel the love when you start your presentation by putting your finger firmly on their true concerns.

You earn their respect the same way, by making it clear that you have bothered to understand their needs prior to the presentation.

Do your homework prior to the presentation, and it won’t matter how you dress. They’ll love you and respect you.

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