McCain’s Lack of Eye Contact is Talk of Debate

John McCain seemed surprised by accusations that he was intentionally refusing to make eye contact with Barack Obama in Friday night’s Presidential Debate.   Surely there is some political spin at work here on both sides of this discussion.  I’ve included a YouTube clip below for you to judge.

But what is real about the issue is that eye contact is something that we all notice.  Eye contact is the most direct way of connecting with people when communicating.  So if you’re not making eye contact, people will make judgments about you.  I tell this to my teenagers all the time.  You need to make eye contact.

In the context of a presentation, you should hold random 3-5 second miniature conversations with as many people in the room as possible.  That will give people the sense that you’re connecting with them. And it will help you avoid the kind of criticism leveled at Senator McCain.


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