What does your attire say about you?

How you dress can be an incredibly important part of your personal brand.

This morning Peter Bodo, for my money the best tennis writer around, has an interesting piece trashing Roger Federer for his dandified Wimbledon attire. I’ve always thought Federer’s attire a little odd. But I’ve loved his tennis so much that I just ignored it.  But I have to admit that this year Federer seems to have gone over the top.

Bodo writes: “It’s distressing that Federer, who (admirably enough) claims to love “tradition” should be party to what amounts to a grotesque parody of it. Who’s he trying to be, Big Bill Tilden – or some Don Ho cut loose on the greensward?”

It’s a lesson for all of us that are trying to connect with audiences.  People are not only judging just what we say. They’re also paying attention to how we look.

I write this with a tinge of regret.  You should be able to express yourself with your clothes. And I encourage you to do so.

But choose your clothes carefully. Because when you wear a bow tie, people will think “What’s up with the bow tie?”

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