Dare to Be Great for the “Management Council”

In a workshop yesterday, one of the participants started to deliver a presentation on a key business topic.  After about 30 seconds, I stopped him.

“You need to ramp it up,” I told him. “You sound flat. Dull.”

“But this is a presentation would be delivered to the management council,” he told me.

I stared at him dumfounded. He seemed to think that he needed to be dull because his audience was the senior leadership of the company. 

I understand his thinking. He felt like he needed to put on his most conservative “big boy” persona when speaking to senior leaders.

But I disagree with that thinking.  The “Management Council” hears presentations all day. And that means they spend much of their lives listening to disorganized data dumps delivered in flat monotones. Of all people, these folks yearn for energetic and exciting presentations.

If you want to impress the “Management Council”, give them something that will make them sit up and take notice.

Ramp up the energy and deliver a focused message that will get them excited.

I know that this takes courage. More is at stake when you’re presenting to the “Management Council.”  It’s tempting to play it safe and be dull. But more is to be gained as well.

Dare to be great.

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Wanna Be a Leader? Learn to Give a Speech

Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin is one of the most polarizing figures to come along in American politics in years.

But whether you love her or hate her, you have to admit this, she shows the power of well-delivered speech.  Two weeks ago, no one had heard of her. When she was nominated by John McCain as his running mate, she drew interest. 

But when she stood in front of the nation and delivered a speech (and she delivered it extremely well), she suddenly became a national leader worth either revering or hating. 

If you want people to notice you and you’re ideas, stand up and give a speech. Few things can transform you into a leader quicker.

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