Wait! I’m Not a PowerPoint Hater!

I’ve apparently been labeled a PowerPoint hater among the public speaking blogosphere. 

Fellow public speaking blogger Olivia Mitchell recently spearheaded an interesting virtual debate on the value of PowerPoint. She quoted me here trashing the value of PowerPoint.

And I admit that I’m not a huge fan. But I’m not against the use of visuals. I just think that people focus so much on visuals that they forget their value. 

PowerPoint illustrates a presentation. But it doesn’t sell an idea. That is done by the speaker by keeping his message focused and delivering it with passion.

I think that people think that endless fiddling with slides will somehow make their presentation good. But it won’t. Only a focused message and rehearsal will do that.

If you want to read all the posts in the great PowerPoint the debate, click here.

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