Steve Jobs’s Great Speeches Are Part of His Brand

Steve Jobs gave another speech today, introducing the upgrade of the iPhone in San Francisco. And sure enough, it’s a huge story in the the New York Times.  Jobs’s presentations have become a kind of “must see” corporate theater. 

Why?  Of course, part of it is that he announces cool stuff.  But there are plenty of corporate announcements of new products that don’t garner such publicity. 

Jobs gets so much attention because his presentations are reliably fantastic.  As I write this post, I haven’t been able to see today’s presentation.  It hasn’t been posted on YouTube yet. 

But when you sit down to hear Jobs give a presentation, you expect something exciting.  He’s passionate. He tells stories. He does cool demonstrations.  Part of the Steve Jobs “brand” — what you can reliably expect from him — is that he’s a great presenter.  Every time he stands up, everyone knows that he’s going to deliver something exciting.

What gets me excited is that anyone can learn to make “great presenter” part of their own brand. You don’t have to have an iPhone to unveil to develop the reputation as a great presenter.

In fact, most companies that I’ve worked for have people who are known throughout their organization as great speakers.  They get that way by working hard on their presentations and not settling for the usual boring stuff.

Like Steve Jobs, they usually do four things.

  • Keep the message simple and focused on issues that the audience cares about.  Jobs always keeps things simple and easy to follow. 
  • Tell stories.  Jobs is always telling stories and giving demonstrations, which are stories in their own way. 
  • Speak with passion. Jobs seems to truly be having fun.  
  • And rehearse. Jobs practices a lot.

 Do those four things consistently and your name will become synonymous with “great presenter.”

Here is the introduction of the iPhone from last year.  As soon as today’s speech is posted, I’ll put it up.  


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