What Do You Do If Your Projector Breaks?

One of my favorite saying is, “It’s OK to put all your eggs in one basket so long as you watch the basket.”


With those words in mind, if you’re giving a presentation that depends on a  projector and slides, then make sure that you don’t show up with a broken projector.  Check out the projector before you leave. And if necessary, bring a backup.


But there is another approach to the “broken projector” problem.  Simply don’t ever deliver a presentation where a projector is essential. The best presentations make three points and tell a handful of personal stories.  No projectors are needed.


I flew to Dallas once for a program with a client and the projector was broken. My client panicked because she was supposed to supply the projector. But I stayed calm.


“Do you have a flip chart?” I asked.


The presentation went off without a problem. The presentation came off well because the projector was nice but not essential. I was able to deliver the presentation without slides.

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