Lessons in Connecting with Audiences from My Wife

The enemy of connection is perfection.

I learn this over and over again with my clients, many of whom spend way too much time attempting to perfect their slides or their written speeches.

But this never ending attempt at perfection doesn’t really help them get better. That’s because the only thing that really makes you better at speaking is standing up and speaking. The words have to come out of your mouth.   

 I learned this once again last weekend when my wife Johanna Asher performed for the first time live at a coffee house in Oakhurst near Decatur.  She took up guitar about 18 months ago. Now she’s taking singing lessons.

O.K. So she’s not Joan Baez.  But she’s on the way.  As she says, “If you want to get good at this, you got to get out there.”

True that.


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