Meeting Communication Lesson from Charlie Rose

Filmmaker Andrew Filippone Jr. produced an oddly humorous video of television interviewer Charlie Rose interviewing himself on the subject of technology.  The video, “Charlie Rose by Samuel Beckett,” seems to be Filippone’s take on Charlie Rose as avant garde theater. 

I laughed out loud. But maybe that’s because I was an English major.

But I also love the video as an example of how every meeting is a performance.  The clip is a wonderful study in Charlie’s unique and often spoofed style.  He’s obviously honed this style over a long period of time.  And I’m not saying that people should imitate it.

But I think it should remind us all that meetings are performances. And, if you want to sell ideas, you’re going to have to learn how to perform in a way that best connects with people. Find your own best style and hone it.


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