What To Do About a Grandstanding Questioner

You’ve just finished your remarks and are taking questions.  A guy in the third row raises his hand and asks a question. You answer it and then he asks another.  Before you know it, this guy is starting to take over the presentation. He’s grandstanding.

What do you do?  

Start with patience. You never want to show that you’re irritated with anyone in the audience. Say something nasty and the audience might turn on you. Stay calm and the audience will admire your control.

On the other hand you can’t let the guy go on forever. It’s not fair to the rest of the audience.  This is where you use a little psychology.  When you’re ready to cut the guy off, say “I think you’re raising some good questions. Why don’t we discuss them further when we’re done.”  Then look at another part of the audience and say, “Does anyone else have a question?”

By looking at another part of the audience, you’re sending a strong signal that his time is done. But you’re not humiliating him.

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