Public Speaking Tip from a Large Mouth Bass


This weekend, my buddy Robert Charles caught this large mouth bass in the 35 acre lake behind our house. He and I had been fishing for about two hours and had caught about 20 smaller bass.

We were about to call it a day as it was about to start raining. I said, “Hey Robert, why don’t you cast that diving lure over there under that dock.”

He did it and this monster bit his lure.

“Joey,” he said, “I think this is a world record fish!”

It didn’t beat the world record, which is 25.1 pounds. But we estimate it was about 15 pounds because it was much larger than the one I caught a couple of years ago that was 8 pounds.

We decided to let it go so it could live to fight another day.

I can’t think of what this has to do with public speaking. But I was so excited when he caught it that I had to write about it.

If anyone  can tie this to public speaking, then let me know and I’ll post it.

What a fish!

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