Which Generation Has the Best Speakers?

In an interview recently about my new book “How to Win a Pitch”, someone asked me the following question: “Why are business people today such bad presenters? Is it a generational thing?”

I answered that I thought the younger generation generally gives better sales presentations than the older generation.  The older group is used to the old way of standing up there and telling about the company.  In other words, they stand up and talk about themselves when the prospect just wants to know a solution to a business problms. 

The younger group is more attuned to shorter attention spans and therefore is more willing to cut right to what the audience is really interested in — a solution.

But I don’t have any data for this. It’s just my sense from working with lots of people. There are certainly lots of poor presenters in both groups. But the younger group seems more willing to learn to get it right.

I’m interested in knowing your opinion.

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