Dorothy Sarnoff, Public Speaking Pioneer, Dies

Dorothy Sarnoff, who started as an opera singer and Broadway star and ended up as a public speaking pioneer died earlier this month.  Read her obituary in the New York Times here.  The Times states:

A relentless optimist, Miss Sarnoff believed that a spellbinder dwelled within even the most terrified client. Flop sweat was not an option, and she had a mantra to dissolve it.

“I’m glad I’m here,” clients were instructed to say to themselves. “I’m glad you’re here. I care about you. I know that I know.”

If that did not do the trick, she advised a quick abdominal exercise, sometimes called the Sarnoff Squeeze, that engaged an area around the midriff that she called “the vital triangle.”

These and other tricks worked a charm with clients like Jimmy Carter, Menachem Begin, Bob Dole and Danielle Steel.

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