Based on Height, Obama Should Beat McCain

If you want to rely on the “Height Index” then Barack Obama is the favorite to become our next President. Approximately 60 percent of the time, the taller candidate wins. according to a Wikipedia analysis.

Senator Obama is 6-foot-1.  Senator John McCain is 5-foot-6.

Of course height isn’t just a benefit when running for President of the United States.  There have been several studies indicating the benefit of height in the marketplace.   For every additional inch in height, you can expect to earn almost $800 a year in pay.   CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are approximately three inches taller than the general population.

There is something about height that conveys a sense of “leadership.”

Of course, we can’t make you taller. But you can learn to present yourself with “bigger” presence. Stand up straight as you walk onto the stage or into a room.  Also, make big gestures and hold them as you speak.  Be big!

It’s a sad reality that the world seems to have a prejudice in favor of height.  Here’s a tongue in cheek reminder of bias against the “vertically impaired”.  



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