How To Know if You’re the Office Jerk

Do you speak solely in buzzwords?

When you ask questions in meetings, are they preceded by long monologues?

Do you make provocative statements to “foster dialogue” or needle others?

If so you might be the office jerk and not know it, according to a CareerBuilder.Com quiz to determine whether you are an annoying co-worker.  I find the quiz interesting because half of the 20 questions on the quiz involve communication issues.

According to the quiz’s author, Kate Lorenz of, there are some easy things to do to ensure that you’re not the office jerk. 

“Ask your boss and colleagues for feedback and be ready to listen,” writes Lorenz. “If what you hear doesn’t fit your self-image, ask them to help you understand what they are saying by giving examples.  You might say: ‘Tell me more about what I do that leads you to believe that.’ Then listen, without arguing, defending or justifying your actions.”

In working with our clients, we have found that the best way to endear oneself with colleagues is simply to be interested in them. 

Indeed, to our mind, Barbara Walters has the best advice for avoiding being tagged as the office jerk. Said Walters, “The best way to be interesting, is to be interested.”

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