New Book Helps “Nerds Be Heard”

Geni Whitehouse is one nerd who will be heard. And if you have nerdy tendencies and need help getting your message across, then you need to listen to her.

I first met Geni Whitehouse when she called me several years ago after having read my first book “Even a Geek Can Speak.”

When we met for lunch, she explained that she was a CPA who was passionate about communication. She attended our program and over the years has continued honing her skills to the point where she has now become a communication expert in her own right.

Having worked as a CPA and an executive at a software firm, she has opened her own communications firm “Even A Nerd Can Be Heard,” which specializes in helping accounting firms and technology firms communicate with impact.

She has also written a great new book called How to Make a Boring Subject Interesting: 52 ways even a nerd can be heard.  The book has 52 short chapters that are easy to read and have lots of great ideas on how to spice up any subject.

For example, how can you give an interesting presentation on how to work with your technical support department? She recommends creating a game of “Technical Support Jeopardy” and providing cash and prizes for the right answers. 

Geni has a sampling of the book on her website. 

If you want  to learn how to liven up boring subjects, read  Geni’s book.

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